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We’ll be releasing some significant improvements and additions to Nextpoint this upcoming weekend. As always, no upgrades or changes are required for our users. Just login anytime after the release and you’ll be greeted by a great new interface and numerous enhancements.

Here are some of the highlighted changes:

  • We’ve updated the look and feel of the application. In addition to improving the overall design, we wanted to create as much room as possible for displaying the guts of the product. The result is sharp and efficient.
  • Navigation has been restructured a bit to make it as easy as possible to get to high traffic portions of Nextpoint. Other valued, but less frequented items are under the more tab.
  • We’ve added a persistent search box to the header so that searching your evidence, calendar, blog, and files is always readily available.
  • There is a new streamlined mobile interface for Nextpoint that makes it unbelievably simple to search all evidence from any internet capable mobile device and get docs and transcripts sent directly to your mobile inbox.
  • We’ve enhanced search to include statistics of matched pages and total page counts. We’ve also added related results from the case calendar, files, and blog.
  • You can now import and export events from the calendar using the standardized iCal format. If you use Outlook, Google Calendar, Apple iCal or just about any other calendaring software you’ll be able to import/export between Nextpoint and your local calendar.
  • We’ve changed the name of our Messages functionality to Blogs. And in doing so included a secure RSS feed for posts. Due to the highly sensitive nature of all communication and data in Nextpoint, you’ll need to use an RSS client that supports secured feeds such as Outlook.

We hope you like all the changes in Nextpoint. Get in touch if you have any questions or would like more details at support@nextpoint.com.

Update: This is live functionality in the Nextpoint application as of May 17th.

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Customer Service

A couple of months back, I needed to send in my monitor to have it’s DVI fixed. Analog worked fine… just not the digital. 3-4 days to get there + 1-2 to get processed + 10-15 days “in repair” + 3-4 days back. Suddenly you’ve added up to almost a month

When the monitor got home (via Chicago) I was excited to be back up and running. Got everything unpacked… ready to rock… and… nothing. They hadn’t fixed anything. Turned out they’d accidentally written down that my problem was the monitor wasn’t able to power on. So, when it finally did get “in repair” they plugged it in, concluded I was an idiot, and shipped it back.

That stinks. A month without it and all I can do is wait on the phone (again) to figure out what needs to happen (again). Ship it back (again). Wait (again). Finally, two months later, they shipped a brand new monitor that couldn’t possibly have trouble. Oops, they shipped me a different (and inferior) model. This one doesn’t even have a DVI hookup…

And… repeat.

This is exactly why Nextpoint believes in making highly knowledgeable support 100% accessible. Not only is every single person in the company completely capable of answering support questions… every single person in the company is available to answer your questions. Have a highly technical question that would best be asked of one of Nextpoint’s engineers – not a problem, we’ll put you in direct contact.

How would my monitor situation have been handled by Nextpoint? Most likely we wouldn’t have written down the wrong issue in the first place. Worst case though, we would have unpacked the monitor and noticed that we could power it on – you would then have been contacted to get to the bottom of things and we’d have it taken care of – end of story

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