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One of the things people love about our presentation tool Theater is the ability to use our powerful search engine to locate and open any document from the trial database.  Sometimes you just don’t have a handle on a exhibit or bates number and it’s great to find documents using titles or even text from the documents.  But other times when you are in the midst of a witness examination in trial you need a super fast tool to pull up docs using their exhibit numbers or witness tab id’s.  So recently we rolled out some improvements to make switching documents from within the presentation window simple and fast.

To switch documents in Theater, simply hit ‘f’ (for “find”) to get focus on the find box, type in the exhibit number (e.g. P-1 or Px1), and hit enter.  If you prefer to find an internal page you can add a space followed by the page number (P-1 4) and you’ll immediately go to that page of the document.  And in cases where you have saved document treatments, another space followed by the treatment number will jump immediately to that treatment (P-1 4 1).  This makes it a breeze to keep up with a witness examination that’s moving along quickly.

quick find

Simply enter the exhibit number (“p-37”) to jump to the desired document.

quick find 2

Entering “p-37 1 3” is showing the third document treatment for page one of plaintiff exhibit 37.

In some situations, you might run into multiple matches for the entered value.  In this case we provide a simple drop-down that you can activate using the enter key that will show additional information about the duplicate matches.  Using the arrow keys you can select the document you were looking for and enter to open it in Theater.  If the value entered doesn’t match any documents in your trial database, a small and discreet warning icon is displayed allowing you to quickly try again.

These changes are already available and being used live in court as we write this post.  We hope you find value in them as well.

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