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With the announcement of our new product lineup today, there’s plenty to be excited about around The Lab.  High on our list is seeing the Discovery Cloud coming out of beta and entering the publicly-available realm!

The experience has been tailored and optimized to make the document review process as efficient and easy to manage as possible.  The release includes hundreds of subtle and not-so-subtle changes; here are a few of the most notable:

Dashboard functionality (introduced here) has been enhanced to also include Discovery Cloud data.

Bates stamping (previously explained here) has emerged from beta to be included in the Discovery Cloud, as well as joining the features available in the Trial Cloud.

“Subreviews” allow a large set of Review documents to be split into smaller sets by subject matter or even by the specific person assigned to review the set.  Status is maintained on each subreview to quickly access progress.


The “Reviewer” user type provides an access level whereby only assigned documents are viewable/searchable for that user.  This allows you to be sure that a “subreview” stays on task and that potentially sensitive data is wardened off.

Easy to use Document Review interface makes it easy to visually group an email with it’s attachments before choosing to take actions on individual documents or groups.


A full writeup can be found on Nextpoint.com

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With the latest release of Nextpoint Trial and Nextpoint Review, you now have the ability to apply bates stamps and bates numbers to your documents in a flash.  Say goodbye to any manual stamping processes you do today.  No ink stamping of each page, no applying stickers, those days are done.   You can also say goodbye to applying a bates number and throwing that valuable document identification information away.

When you’re ready to stamp, go ahead and perform your search or filter, select your docs, and click the “Bates Stamp” button.

Bates Stamp

Bates Stamp

Nextpoint also puts the ability to flexibly configure the stamping of your documents in your control.  You can add as many lines as you like to the stamp, choose to stamp every page in the document, and control the start number of the stamp.

Picture 6

Bates Template Configuration

And one of the best things is that as we store this identification number in the Nextpoint database, so you can filter and search ranges with it, and really put that number to work for you.  Also, with our cloud processing infrastructure, we can scale to stamp tens of thousands of documents for you in a jiffy.

You’re going to love this feature, and it’ll save you and your staff a ton of time.

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