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Our deposition video feature in Trial Cloud is a great tool for managing video depositions in the cloud.  It’s chock full of powerful features, so we thought it’d be a great idea to take you on a nice leisurely stroll through ’em.

Previewing Videos

From within the deposition editor  you can preview the video in several different ways.  You can play the video in it’s entirety by clicking the play button that overlays the video thumbnail.  Or, if you’d like to play from a location in the designation, you can click on the video timings on the right side of the designation text.  And finally, you can preview individual designations by clicking the play button next to the designations.

Deposition Editor With Video

Deposition Editor With Video (click to enlarge)

Managing Videos

Managing videos is easy.  From within the deposition edit view, you can upload a new video by clicking the “Add New Video” link.  You can add multiple videos to a single deposition and reorder them by clicking the “Reorder Videos”.  Uploading syncfiles is a snap as well.  Just click the “Upload” link in the syncfile section below the videos.

Edit Deposition View

Edit Deposition View (click to enlarge)

You also have the option of deleting the original video after it has been processed, or leave it there.  We’re happy to hold on to it for safekeeping and make it available for download it at any time.

Auto-Generated Video Sync Files

One of the features we think you’ll find extra helpful is our ability to auto-generate video synchronization files.  If you don’t have a video sync file, and we find enough information in the deposition, we’ll give you a head start and put together a sync file for you.  From there you can download the sync file, match it up with the video clips that you have, and re-upload as a sync file.  You also have the option of directly applying the auto-generated synchronization file.

Presenting Videos

Finally we’ve built video support into our online trial presentation tool, Theater.  Click the “View in Theater” icon next to any deposition that has video to view a higher resolution version of the video.  You can navigate depositions by using the Finder box in the upper left hand corner of the screen using the Finder syntax.  You can also play any of the designations of the current deposition by opening the designations drop down and clicking on the desired designation.


Theater (click to enlarge)

Video is a huge part of trial preparation and we’re happy to have fantastic support for it in Trial Cloud.  We hope you are too!

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