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Following up on the addition of Nick Olejniczak, we’re pleased to announce the addition of Adam Olien to our team in the Nextpoint Lab.  Adam is a recent graduate of the University of Wisconsin Madison with a major in Computer Science (and Political Science).  Adam also managed to grab several years of experience in a development shop during school.  We’re all excited to have him on board.

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Our electronic Exhibit Stamping has always been geared towards improving the tedious act of stamping hundreds or even thousands of docs.  In fact, we’ve even told you about the code we use to do it, but what about the smaller day-to-day jobs?

We’re introducing some changes to our Exhibit Stamping interface that will have you covered for big and small batches of docs alike.

Search for the doc(s) that you want to stamp.

Select “stamp” for the appropriate designation of the first (only?) doc that you’d like to hit — You’ll need to “Add” the designation first, if you haven’t already.

When you arrive in the stamping interface, the initial state will reflect the document within the scope of the current stamping request.  i.e. If you’re stamping as “Defense” and the doc already has a “Defense” stamp: you will be greeted by the document with it’s stamp in the current position: adjust if you need to.  If the doc has not previously been stamped (or has, but not as “Defense”) – the stamper will not be shown by default.

Place the stamp as you see fit and close the stamping interface or move to the next document in the set.  If you uncheck the stamping checkbox no stamp will be applied (if previously stamped: it will be removed).

It’s a much cleaner and faster interface and we’re really happy with how it’s turned out.  Hope you like it!

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Welcome Nick!

We’re excited to announce a great new addition to our team in the Nextpoint Lab. Nick Olejniczak has joined the lab this week to help us continue our tradition of litigation technology innovations. We’ve known Nick and his work for quite some time. We’re long time users of his web applications pnt.me and refinr.com and old school fans of the late JellyFish Smack Shopping. Welcome Nick! We’re lucky to have you.

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A lot of exciting things have been going on in the Nextpoint Lab.  Here’s an abbreviated view of some recent happenings:

  • A recent Amazon (Amazon Web Services) case study looked into how Nextpoint harnesses their cloud offerings; taking e-discovery processing power to the next level.
  • CloudPreservation.com has moved out of beta, including support for robots.txt and site maps.
  • You may have noticed McAfee and eTrust certifications badges on our login page.  They’ll be keeping us honest on a daily basis going forward.
  • We’ve introduced the ability to choose your own naming scheme for bulk PDF exports, allowing you to name the files by designation, title, whatever you like.

  • Transitioning as conditions change has never been easier as we’ve put the power to copy/move your data to different cloud offerings in your hands.
  • It’s easy to make a small mistake in deposition naming and end up with some depositions for “Bob Smith” and some for “Bob A Smith”.  Recent changes make merging a matter of a few clicks, preserving the depositions themselves as well as any relationships with documents/exhibits, videos, etc.

  • Our OCR capabilities have been upgraded, providing more accuracy and reliability pulling search text out of uploaded image files.
  • We are constantly updating as search indexes as new data comes in or changes are made.  Timestamps throughout the app now clearly indicate when the last pass was completed.
  • Time to generate on-the-fly PDFs can vary wildly based on the style of data contained, as well as the number of pages — We’ve put the choice of “wait or notify me when it’s done” in your hands, allowing you to stick around for an immediate download on smaller requests or move on to something else while it’s working on the heavier hitters.

Lots of exciting changes – and, of course, that’s not everything we’ve accomplished in the last couple months.  If you have any questions on these, just drop us a line at support@nextpoint.com

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