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2010 was an exciting year in the Nextpoint Lab.  We released two new products, received some terrific industry recognition and press, and most importantly welcomed a significant number of new users.

In February we went into to full release with our Discovery Cloud product.  It has been a successful launch and we’re continuing to add to it’s powerful feature set.  At it’s core, Discovery Cloud is an infinitely scalable processing, relevance review, and production platform.  Similar to it’s Trial Cloud sibling, Discovery Cloud is a SaaS offering that has been recognized by industry experts and users for it’s ease-of-use, stunning interface, processing speed, and ground breaking price-point.  Our customers are realizing profound cost savings as noted last week in the Wall Street Journal.

In August we went into production with Cloud Preservation, our platform for archiving web-site, social media, and other critical data living on the web.  It was quickly featured by the New York Times as well as Read Write Web and we’ve been rapidly expanding the customer base and feature set.  It’s a brand new product category and we’ve been thrilled by the response.

Our Trial Cloud platform has continued to grow at a faster pace than ever.  It’s the clear choice for managing trial data including produced documents, transcripts, and deposition video.  And like all of our products, it’s available via most major smart phone platforms and, of course, the iPad.

Thanks to you, our valued customers and friends, the Nextpoint product lineup has continued to grow at a rapid pace.  We look forward to working with you in 2011!

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