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Our Discovery Cloud interface was designed and tuned to keep user focus on the primary goal: Review.  Everything the interface does is intended to help users determine and set Responsive and Privileged status.  That does need to be the primary focus, however we’ve accumulated enough data about how folks are using Discovery Cloud to draw some conclusions and make some improvements.

Many “reviewers” are tasked not only with setting Responsive/Privileged codes, but also adding some coding information… since they’re in the neighborhood.  That has been a bit cumbersome as “Preview” (an image of the record/document) and “Coding” have been tabs on the left side of the page, allowing to view 1-or-the-other, but never both:

We’ve shifted that over to the right side of the page, allowing users to view the Preview, Review/Privileged status options, and Coding data all at once:

The change will reduce the number of clicks and focus changes necessary to get the job done and get on to the next document in the stack.

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Knowing who has viewed and changed a record is something we’ve long stored in a format unfriendly to human eyes, intended to be available for chain-of-custody auditing.  While we’ll continue to keep our machine-friendly copy as gospel, we’ve built in some new functionality to provide a much friendlier front end for everyday use.

You can now find a what has changed and who has changed it on any given record via the “Views & Edits” tab in Discovery Cloud and Trial Cloud.  Cloud Preservation will offer similar functionality via it’s “Views” tab.

screenshot from Trial Cloud

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