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S3 Folders is an alternative to browser-based data import, allowing you to utilize a variety of  client-based uploading tools to transmit data to Discovery Cloud and Trial Cloud.  File size limitations are effectively removed, allowing you to upload large files (i.e. pst mailboxes) without the hassles associated with splitting them up.

Following upload to Amazon S3, files may be selected for import via the batch creation screen’s file-picker:

Load file formats traditionally supported in browser uploads continue to be supported via both browser upload and Case Folder selection.  Additionally, Case Folders supports the selection of loose files or directories containing loose files, making the upload process that much simpler.  Uploaded directory structures containing load files enjoy the extra benefit of easy correction and drop-in replacement of load files when issues are realized and remedied.

It’s an exciting development that we hope you’ll get a lot of mileage out of.

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This weekend, Nextpoint rolled out the ability to preview MP4, FLV and WebM videos right from within any Nextpoint application.  No more downloading and trying to find the right application to open the video.  Now, when visiting an item’s detail page, you’ll see an embedded video player that will allow you to play that video right away.  You’ll also be able to view the MP4 and WebM videos on your iPad!

Example of Video Preview

Example of Video Preview in Cloud Preservation (click to enlarge)

This new feature will really speed up your experience when viewing your archived videos from  YouTube in Cloud Preservationviewing records during the review process in Discovery Cloud, or previewing evidence in Trial Cloud.  Enjoy!

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Today the CloudPreservation.com team launched support for another critical cloud-based provider; YouTube.   Adding to the growing list of supported social networks, Cloud Preservation can now securely archive YouTube channels.

An Archived YouTube Video Page

An Archived YouTube Video Page (Click to Enlarge)

Cloud Preservation will archive an extensive set of your data on YouTube including profiles, uploads, favorites, and playlists in addition to the highest quality video available via the YouTube API.  Cloud Preservation’s “Authenticated” option also enables the collection of channel contacts and video messages.

This is another critical step in helping organizations meet their legal and compliance obligations in regards to the internet and social networks.

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We have a new post out on our Frank blog that runs down the unique challenges of archiving websites for legal and compliance purposes.

The unique architecture and connectedness of the web means that if you want to browse a website exactly as it was at some point in the past, you would need more than an archival tool, you’d need a time machine … Cloud Preservation takes a complete approach that not only preserves original unaltered source files, but also preserves the entire visual experience along with all text and related content for each page.

Take a look!

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