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DeNIST Document Processing

DeNISTing is the process of filtering documents against a large set of files known to be uninteresting for evidentiary purposes. This set, compiled four times yearly by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, is the National Software Reference Library — more commonly known as the “NIST list” — and it currently contains signatures and metadata for some 69,887,164 common computer files.

Now, documents uploaded to Discovery Cloud and Trial Cloud can be DeNISTed at import. This can be done in one of two ways: tagging or filtering. When configured to tag DeNISTed files, the special “NIST” tag will be applied to all matching files automatically. When configured to filter, those files will be removed completely from imported batches, making it easy to skip past useless files.

On the import page, your current DeNIST setting is now visible.

This setting can be changed in the new DeNIST section of your General Settings page, where there is a full explanation of the feature.

DeNIST Settings

With this feature you can save time and effort skipping right past junk files and straight into more useful, relevant data. We hope you find it helpful.

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