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The next time you login to your Nextpoint account, you may notice some fresh new icons.

Available to existing Nextpoint customer’s, Privilege Protect expands previous document, deposition, and transcript transferring capabilities.  New features and customizations combine to make this the most powerful and convenient document production tool available.  Official public release will be coming in September 2012.

To get started, simply search to isolate documents and select the Privilege Protect icon.

Then configure your transfer.

If the target of your transfer is a 3rd party, additional checks and balances will be made available to ensure safety and sanctity of data.
Some notable options:

  • Selecting a recipient.  Transferring to 3rd party recipients (who are existing Nextpoint clients themselves) requires a PIN be setup and communicated between the 2 parties, not only providing reassurance that you are transferring to the correct recipient, but also that the 3rd party’s privacy is protected.
  • Privilege Detection [Discovery Cloud only].  Privilege Detection compares documents you’ve elected to transfer with those that you have previously identified as privileged and/or have redacted.  A report is generated bringing potential leaks to light, allowing you to double check suspicious documents before they may have been erroneously transferred to a 3rd party.
  • Loadfile Review.  To reassure you that the data transferred will be exactly what you have anticipated – nothing more, nothing less – you are afforded the opportunity to review the actual loadfile that will be used for the transfer.  Search this file for key phrases, email addresses, or anything else that may be a red flag that an undesired document or meatadata would have otherwise been transferred.
  • “Smart Override” for native document transfer.  Blocking documents that are privileged from production is critical, but what if a native email (which is not itself marked as privileged) were transferred – containing the data necessary to re-create a privileged Word Doc that had been an attachment?  Smart override works to detect this situation and prevent transmission, instead opting to transfer images of the document in question.

Nextpoint Privilege Protect is available now to existing Nextpoint customers, allowing you to produce without ever leaving our toolset.  No harddrives to inventory and worry about going astray in the mail.  We hope you get a lot of benefit and use out of this tool and look forward to hearing your feedback.

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All Nextpoint products now support the ability to search for documents based on file extension via an option available under advanced search.  There you you can enter the extension you wish to search for, such as “pdf” or “docx”.

File Extension Search

Alternatively, the standard search box can be used, ie: “file_extension:pdf”.

Searching for “file_extension” is preferred to the use of  other fields such as shortcut, which are subject to wildcard limitations.

We hope this proves a much smoother and more reliable searching experience.

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Nextpoint’s Trial Cloud and Discovery Cloud now support the Mbox electronic mailbox format, alongside their longstanding support of Personal Storage Table (PST) archives. Mbox is a common email archive format with a long history of use, uncommon in business environments where Microsoft Outlook is more widespread but supported by most other major email clients, including Thunderbird and Apple Mail. This new feature is transparent to users; simply import an mbox as you would any other container format (such as a PST or a Zip), and Nextpoint will extract and process the contained emails, preparing them for trial or review.

Mbox Import

We at the Lab hope this feature will offer a nice alternative to the PST format for users working with email in a wide variety of computing environments.

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