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“Date” type Custom Fields have been added to DiscoveryCloud and TrialCloud, expanding on the set of field types already available:


A helpful date-picker widget is made available when you need to edit values via the application:


Values continue to be stored as alpha-numeric behind the scenes, but with the assistance of this tool: they are formatted in the easily searchable YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS format.  This will alleviate current issues with searching when some date formats vary.

When populating the field via loadfile, values will be coerced into this format wherever possible (any valid date format).  Values that cannot be sorted out (ie. if “hello” was provided as a value) will be saved as is.

We hope you enjoy this new feature available immediately in DiscoveryCloud and TrialCloud.

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Viewing deposition video is an essential part of the Trial Cloud’s Depositions tool.  The process becomes a bit more convenient with the addition of continuous play within a label set.


In addition to play control for each individual designation, the controls preceding the list of designations will play the entire set handsfree.

This change is available immediately in all Trial Cloud instances.

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Importing email from an external mail server saves you time normally spent creating, exporting, and uploading mailbox files.  Enter your email configuration and credentials (similar to any email client) and you’re on your way to importing all mail available in the mailbox.


Following authentication, all emails and attachments provided by the external server will be imported similar to normal “batch” processing.  Relationships between emails and attachments will be established and the documents will be imaged as normal.

This feature is immediately available to all users of Trial Cloud and Discovery Cloud.

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