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Madison Ruby Conference (and the encompassing Forward Technology Festival) are wonderful showcases for Madison and our tech scene, offering folks from in and out of town alike a chance to learn, network, and just appreciate all that the area has to offer.  We’re excited this year to be leveling up from “enthusiastic attendees” to “enthusiastic attendees, that also sponsor“.

So, why sponsor?  The desire to put a little back into the community is a big reason.  We love Madison and we want to play a part in raising the talent level in the area by helping to grow it organically and by helping attract folks to the area.  If the talent pool becomes a bit more diverse as part of the process (a clear goal of Madison Ruby organizers) what a huge bonus that’d be (!).

Of course, it ain’t all philanthropy.  We want our name out there in the list of exciting local shops. We’re hiring and we want you to know it!  We want you to know that we’re conquering real issues with a lot of meat on the bone; developing solutions that not only tackle issues in an intelligent way, but in a way that our clients actually want to use and benefit from.  We’ve been bringing new technologies to a legal space that has been *coughcough* behind.  We’ve brought the small-team mentality to the space and have been leading the charge into cloud hosted & delivered solutions since before AWS got out of beta. So, come find us at the event!  We’ll have a booth setup and will, of course, also be hanging out around the conference and at the various events.

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Since the launching of “Gridview”, it has quickly become the most popular format for viewing documents in Trial Cloud and Discover Cloud.  Shortly thereafter, we started offering some customization which also became quite popular and is leveraged in almost every Trial Cloud and Discovery Cloud instance.

Another enhancement has now been introduced, allowing you to view values that are a bit too long for the standard column widths.  Here a portion of the “Author” field is not viewable by default:


Dragging to extend the column, we can now see the full value:


A simple change to make things a bit easier when sorting through the list of values brought back from a search.  Enjoy!

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