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We’re continuing to chip away at better and better support for Adobe Flash, and we just launched a pretty big chunk with our most recent release of CloudPreservation.com.  Now in your crawls you’ll be seeing snapshots of Flash movies and Flash video players in your archived page images.


CloudPreservation.com Archived Page with Flash

CloudPreservation.com Archived Page with Flash


In addition to Flash showing up in your web page images, we’re now capturing the text for any HTML-backed Flash movies, providing full-text searching capability for Flash movies that get their text from the HTML of the web page (a common pattern for dynamic data-driven Flash websites).

This is a big step of archiving your documents as they look on the web.  We hope you’ll find it useful.

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Ever wonder how much power has been dedicated to your current import?  Along with some recent infrastructure upgrades, we’ve brought that information right up front where you can see it, giving you visibility to the elastic ramp-up of dedicated servers and processors working on your requests.  (Elastic ramp-up is a core capability of any legitimate cloud computing solution — Here’s Amazon’s case study of Nextpoint’s implementation.)

Available now via:

  • in Discovery/Review Cloud: “Imports/Exports”
  • in Trial (Prep) Cloud: “More” -> “My Downloads” -> “Imports”

Each processing request begins by breaking the work up into smaller “Jobs”.  There’s a lot of logic put into just how that breakup occurs, but the gist of it is: bigger requests = more jobs = more dedicated processors to get your work done.

We’re happy to be pushing this information to the front and hope that you like it too!

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This week we added support in CloudPreservation.com for yet another popular social networking site: LinkedIn.com.  Now, not only can you archive any website,  Facebook Fan Page, or Twitter account; you can also archive your LinkedIn public profile.

LinkedIn Profile archived at Cloudpreservation.com

LinkedIn Profile archived at Cloudpreservation.com

When you crawl a LinkedIn Public Profile, any public company and group information pages will  be included in the CloudPreservation archive.  Additionally, the first page of any linked websites from your profile will be archived as well.

Getting started with your LinkedIn archiving is as simple as signing up at CloudPreservation.com and entering your LinkedIn profile information.  Within minutes you’ll have another big chunk of your online presence archived at a regular interval, and finally under your control.

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A lot of exciting things have been going on in the Nextpoint Lab.  Here’s an abbreviated view of some recent happenings:

  • A recent Amazon (Amazon Web Services) case study looked into how Nextpoint harnesses their cloud offerings; taking e-discovery processing power to the next level.
  • CloudPreservation.com has moved out of beta, including support for robots.txt and site maps.
  • You may have noticed McAfee and eTrust certifications badges on our login page.  They’ll be keeping us honest on a daily basis going forward.
  • We’ve introduced the ability to choose your own naming scheme for bulk PDF exports, allowing you to name the files by designation, title, whatever you like.

  • Transitioning as conditions change has never been easier as we’ve put the power to copy/move your data to different cloud offerings in your hands.
  • It’s easy to make a small mistake in deposition naming and end up with some depositions for “Bob Smith” and some for “Bob A Smith”.  Recent changes make merging a matter of a few clicks, preserving the depositions themselves as well as any relationships with documents/exhibits, videos, etc.

  • Our OCR capabilities have been upgraded, providing more accuracy and reliability pulling search text out of uploaded image files.
  • We are constantly updating as search indexes as new data comes in or changes are made.  Timestamps throughout the app now clearly indicate when the last pass was completed.
  • Time to generate on-the-fly PDFs can vary wildly based on the style of data contained, as well as the number of pages — We’ve put the choice of “wait or notify me when it’s done” in your hands, allowing you to stick around for an immediate download on smaller requests or move on to something else while it’s working on the heavier hitters.

Lots of exciting changes – and, of course, that’s not everything we’ve accomplished in the last couple months.  If you have any questions on these, just drop us a line at support@nextpoint.com

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The ability to bring a subset of your documents from Preservation, Discovery, or Trial, to a new home has long been available on request. Recently we put that power directly into your hands – removing the need to involve your Nextpoint account contact.

It’s handy when an evolving case needs to move to the next stage or you just need to shift a subset of documents to an entirely new matter.

This new capability is available, to “Advanced”-level users, as a new option in “Export” dropdowns and via Promos (like the one above) which are located around the app.

Select the documents (transfer of depositions/transcripts available from Trial instances) — select the destination instance (existing or new) and click ‘go’. That’s it.

We’ll bring across associated meta, designations, videos, document relations, etc. It’s a powerful and easy-to-use tool that we hope you really get a lot out of.

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