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We’ve long supported the ability to supplement our “standard” coding field list by defining your own “custom” fields.  The fields are added to our search indexes and made available anyplace you’ll be coding or researching.


We’ve expanded this capability to enable further customizations – allowing you to tailor things to your more specific situation and needs.  Let’s take a look at a few potential issues from that last screenshot.


In our example, custom fields are handy but we could use a little extra help.  Admin tools (available to “Advanced” users in the “Settings” section) can help us out a lot here.

Re-ordering our fields to get bates elements near each other and sequenced correctly is a simple matter of dragging them to the right spot.


For Custodian: let’s just setup the 6 valid values and not risk mistypings or misunderstandings.  People can select the right one from the list and be done with it.

We have the same mistyping problem for Location and found a need to sometimes have more than one location selected.  No problem.

For each field, we select a new Input Type.


Setup our initial values.


The result is not drastic but it’s a major improvement.  Our re-ordered fields make a lot more sense and should reduce confusion during Review.  The Location and Custodian entries have been cleaned up a lot as well, reducing misspellings and misunderstandings.


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