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We’ll be introducing several enhancements to our evidence management platform in the coming days, including enhancements to our designation handling (building on our recent improvements) and exporting functionality.

Grouping Deponents

With testimony coming from multiple sources and directions, sorting through depositions can get tricky.  Doesn’t it seem like you should at least be able to group things by deponent type?  Yeah, you’re right… it does.

By default, deponents will fall into a “General” category, but should you need it: you can specify a type while uploading or edit later.

Linking Deponents to Documents

Having trouble finding the document that’s being referred to in a deposition?  While we always recommend a quick search, it can be handy to have a link sometimes.

You can establish these relationships while importing or set them later via the edit function in the Documents section.

Exporting by Designation Label

To make export to TrialDirector more straightforward, it is now possible to export all docs within a designation label along with their associated oll files (load files for Trial Director).

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