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Until recently, we’ve focussed on document treatment creation as a trial preparation feature.  Our create-on-the-fly interface (demo video) has drawn raves reviews in the legal industry, and beyond.  It provides our clients with a big advantage in court: create something that looks impressive and focuses the audience, literally in seconds.

Building on our existing tools, we’ve recently introduced new organizational features to make advance preparation more of an automated process. Treatments may now (optionally) be linked to Designation Labels and Issues, providing an easy way to retrieve documents with related treatments.

Search to locate key docs, preparing for the deposition of a key witness.


Callout text, highlight, etc to create your document treatment.


When saving the treatment, categorize it by Designation Label or Issue.


Repeat the above steps to create as many treatments as you like.  When finished, quickly recall a list of documents to make your final preparations via the Documents homepage.


You’ll also be able to view any Designation Labels applied to a treatment when previewing all treatments for a document.

treatment previews

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