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Up until now, Facebook crawl results have been difficult to view as they relate to the “Wall” of a user or fan page.   So, last week we rolled out some enhancements that make it easier for you to view the Facebook conversation stream in a reverse chronological order.

First, we changed the title of all Facebook items in the feed to include the date, the type of post (status, link, photo, etc.), and an excerpt of the title or message of the post (if available).  This should make scanning the list of Facebook items much easier.

Second, we made sure that the results are in a “newest first” order, so that you can see the conversation stream organized similar to how it is available on the “Wall” of the person or organization.  As new comments and likes are found in subsequent crawls, the date will change and these posts will be pushed to the top of the list.

Below is a screenshot of the updated results of the Facebook page:

New Facebook Listing

New Facebook Listing (Click to Enlarge)

We think these changes are really going to improve the experience of navigating your comprehensive archive of Facebook profiles and fan pages.


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