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In an effort to make importing into the Nextpoint Trial Cloud and Discovery Cloud as easy as possible, we’ve updated our documentation to provide detailed instruction on both the batch import process and conversion of Concordance exports.

Nextpoint Batch Import Specification details the meta-data load file format, the zip file structure, uploading, and other tips on how to successfully import batches of documents into Trial Cloud and Discovery Cloud.

Concordance Export Conversion provides a walkthrough of converting a sample Concordance export into the Nextpoint batch import format.  It provides sample scripts for splitting columns, and joining data from Concordance Image load files.

We think you’ll find these documents extremely useful as you’re importing documents into Trial Cloud and Discovery Cloud.

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Great import capability is a main ingredient in the promise of making evidence management easier. On top of Nextpoint’s already powerful and convenient importing facility, we’re enhancing our tool with the upcoming import status feature.  This new feature puts the information relevant to the status of your imports right at your fingertips, and further enhances your ability to keep imported collections organized.

The import status listing provides you with information on what stage of the import process your documents are currently in, whether or not the process has encountered any errors, and helpful links to the documents that have already been imported.

Import Status Listing

Import Status Listing

The import status detail screen provides you extremely useful information about the processing details of your document import.  Details about the actions performed, errors encountered, and load file processing are all presented in individual tabs, so that you can drill down into import specifics.  Also, from the detail screen, you have the ability to mark erroneous imports as resolved when corrections are made in subsequent imports or document activities.

Import Status Details

Import Status Detail

Nextpoint will also notify you when the status of your import changes, so that you can catch issues early, and know exactly when your documents are ready for analysis and review.  The email you receive will include a summary of the change in status, as well as links directly to the documents and import status details.

If you are an advanced user, you’ll find the link to the import status feature right next to the document upload links on the document summary page.  We think you’ll find this feature extremely useful when peforming imports of large collections of documents, as well as a real time saver in the diagnosis of any issues that arise during the process.

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