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LinkedIn has recently made modifications to their authentication system requiring users to re-authenticate every 60 days.  Expiring access in this way is generally done to circumvent situations where a 3rd party was granted permission long ago and you haven’t gotten around to barring them access to your data.

To re-authenticate, click “Settings” on your LinkedIn feed, then select your authentication method as pictured here.  (the email option is typically intended be used only for getting a link to someone who does not have access to CloudPreservation)


As the feed’s owner, you will be notified again when the authorization period is expiring.  Failure to (re)grant that permission will result in CloudPreservation no longer being able to obtain/capture your data from LinkedIn. As always, the actual authentication involves CloudPreservation sending you to a LinkedIn server to provide your credentials and grant the permission.  CloudPreservation will never obtain or store your personal LinkedIn password.

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