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With many upload formats, we can auto-detect and set standard metadata fields for your deposition & courtroom transcripts, but what about when the format isn’t playing nice?  It can be mildly annoying to manually key the data for a single transcript, but doing it for a larger set can be downright frustrating.

Not a problem; by including a loadfile, you’ll have all of your meta preset on completion of your import…  So, how does it work?

1. Gather your transcripts/depositions together (most simply by putting ’em under some main directory).

2. Create a csv loadfile in that directory with metadata information.

  • Courtroom transcript loadfiles should be named “transcripts.csv” and contain the fields: filename, date, title, description
  • Deposition transcript loadfiles should be named “depositions.csv” and contain the fields: filename, date, volume, lastname, firstname, middleinit, name_suffix, deposition_type

3. Create a zip file of the transcripts, depositions, and loadfiles, and load it as a batch of depositions or transcripts. The information from the loadfiles will take precedence over other information, so you can even combine depositions and transcripts into one batch.


  • The filename is full path/name to the file, relative to the location of the loadfile.  (If the filename starts with “/”, it’s an absolute path within the zip file.)
  • The name_suffix is like “Jr.”, “M.D.”, “III”, etc.
  • The deponent_type corresponds to deponent types in the web app, and defaults to “General”.
  • The fields are expected to be in-order just like in an OLL file, so make sure you include a blank for any data you don’t have, such as a middle initial.
  • You’re welcome to include a row with the column headings for your reference; it will be automatically detected and ignored by the importer.
  • The importer will try to auto-detect any information you don’t specify through the loadfile, such as a volume number, etc.

The rest of the fields should be fairly self-explanatory.  As always, we’re more than happy to assist with any questions or troubleshooting via your Nextpoint rep or at support@nextpoint.com.

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