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The inability to go “full screen” while browsing on the Mac has been a pet peeve of ours for a while.  Nowhere is it more apparent than while using Theater in court (demo video here) — Get that menubar off the top of my projection screen!

Recently, we encountered a 98% pain free solution, involving Fluid.  Billed as a “Site Specific Browser for Mac”, they point out that “Your browser is for web browsing”.  Their offering provides an “application” feel for sites that behave… well… like applications.  We think TrialManager.com fits that bill quite well.

Getting started is simple:

  1. Download and install Fluid (free)
  2. Start it up and set your URL to: https://secure.trialmanager.com
  3. Give any name you like.  Maybe “Nextpoint” or “TrialManager”.
  4. Run the application (as you would any other app) and set your “User Agent” to the most recent version of FireFox available in the dropdown (see image below).


That’s it – The newly created application will look just like any other, neatly wrapping your browser.  You may even find it more convenient than the normal browser when you’re not using Theater!

And, of course, here’s that screenshot of Theater running full screen (Window -> Toggle Full Screen Mode).


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