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Up until recently, our support of color documents has been, well, lacking. We’ve known this for a while, and it’s been a monkey on our back.  Recently, we rolled out some major improvements to our color document support. Color docs look better everywhere, especially theater.

Theater Color Doc with callouts

Theater still retains all of it’s usability, including highlighting, underlining, and redacting.  In order to maintain this functionality with richer color evidence such as photographs, maps, or demonstratives we’re auto-detecting the “white percentage” of the document image in Theater.  If the Document has a substantially high white percentage, highlights are done under the doc, as in the above call out.  If documents have a low white percentage Theater automatically detects the difference, and the highlight is done over the image.  You’ll notice a very slight difference in the highlight colors.

Color Doc Highlight Over

We made major improvements in the processing of color documents.  Documents are now stored as 24-bit PNG files.  By expanding our color palette to 24-bit we avoid dithering the image to produce a better looking, higher quality image.  Unchecked, higher quality images usually generate larger file sizes, which take longer to load in your web browser.  To improve your experience we took measures to trim all the extra image glut.  Our advanced auto-color reduction algorithm tests uploaded image files to determine if they’re color, grayscale, or monochromatic and creates files appropriately.  Along with a few other color reduction techniques we create better looking images with smaller file sizes to improve your trial preparation experience.  Even photographs look great.

Color Document Photograph

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The benefits of a powerful search engine are obvious throughout the entire trial process.  In the courtroom, perhaps more than any other time, you need access to all of your evidence – and fast.  We’re continuing to enhance our courtroom capabilities by further integrating our presentation interface with our search and document functionality.

The most common approach to courtroom document presentation utilizes one or more laptops, external hard drives, and a projection screen.  To make this “dual screen” process as smooth as possible:  Nextpoint provides the ability to locate any document/exhibit in your entire case and quickly preview it, along with existing treatments, all on your laptop.  You can conduct multiple searches, make changes, etc and the rest of the room will be none-the-wiser.  When you’re ready to go, you simply send the document or saved treatment to “the big screen”.

Send a treatment to the projector screen (click to enlarge)

These new tools are trial-proven and will change the way that you prepare and present in court.

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