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This week we released a whole bunch of great new features for our Twitter feeds on CloudPreservation.com.  We’re really excited about this new functionality, as it really enhances CloudPreservation‘s collection abilities for Twitter.  Here’s a summary of a couple of these great new features.

Collect tweets, retweets, direct messages and deleted tweets – real-time

This great new feature allows us to collect the Twitter stream as it happens, so we won’t miss a thing.  All new tweets, retweets, direct messages and deleted tweets will be collected as soon as they happen.

When creating a new Twitter feed, just check Enable real-time monitoring of this feed and you’ll be collecting the Twitter stream real-time.

Enable Real-Time Monitoring

Enable Real-Time Monitoring (click to enlarge)

Once you’ve setup your feed, you’ll see that it’s setup for real-time updates on the Twitter feed details:

Feed Details Showing Real-Time Monitoring

Feed Details Showing Real-Time Monitoring (click to enlarge)

Archive Direct Messages and Protected Twitter Accounts

As part of this release, we implemented Twitter authentication into our new feed setup for Twitter.  This allows us to collect much more information from Twitter accounts that provide CloudPreservation.com this access.


Twitter Authentication

Twitter Authentication (click to enlarge)

With this authentication, we can now collect direct messages received and direct messages sent.  Additionally this authentication allows us to collect all this information from protected Twitter accounts (those accounts that only choose to share with friends).

These new Twitter features are a great addition to our already ample (and growing) list of features within CloudPreservation.com.


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