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Designating “related documents” can be a tedious task.  You know that anything containing your search terms should be designated, but even electronically – visiting hundreds of documents to add a designation is tedious (at best).

We’ve made some enhancements to make that process much less of a headache.


new "Apply to Related Docs" is circled above

Here’s what you’re asking for by checking either of the boxes:

  • Attached Docs – If there are any emails in the set you are editing:  You will also be designating their attachments.
  • Parent Emails – If any of the docs in your set were email attachments:  You will also be designating the emails they were attached to.

We’ve also added this feature to the tool for designating individual documents.


We really feel like this is going to improve the review and coding experience dramatically.  As always, we’d love to hear your feedback.

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