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Applying stamps to documents and exhibits has, historically, been a painful task: put a stamp on every page in this file cabinet.  For some shops, the process has actually become more cumbersome with the introduction of electronic evidence: print everything on this hard drive – stamp it – scan it back in.

In the past week I noticed a way to improve the process involving the purchase/use of Adobe Acrobat.  It takes a bit of setup and involves a (somewhat) manual process.  Some of that work can be reduced with custom scripts and load files and really, if the pricing on the automated solution looks like this… I’ve gotta say I’m more than willing to put in the effort.

Luckily, you have more options.

There are other free tools that can provide you with your customized stamps at a level of automation that will save you tons of time (and thus still more money) – all with a much friendlier interface… but you’re gonna have to do-it-yourself.  Here’s how we did it:

FREE tools we use to stamp:

  • GD2 – Image manipulation
  • PDF::Writer for Ruby – Create new/replacement PDFs
  • Ghostscript – PDF Interpreter
  • Ruby on Rails – We’re getting down and dirty with these tools but our clients shouldn’t have to.  Rails let’s us build an easy-to-use web interface.

So, why are we tipping our hand and revealing our secrets? Well, a couple reasons:

  1. We have a great app and provide a great service. We are quite proud of the application and service that we provide.  No installation (just need a web browser) and very easy to use.
  2. We’re not free, but we’re damn close. Check out our pricing.  We’ll charge you a little more than $50/mo for a GB of data and throw in the stamps (and MUCH more – stamping is just the tip of the iceberg) for free.  Just want to stamp and leave to avoid the recurring charges?  That’s fine – we’ll let you out after the first month – no charges for leaving and taking your data with you.

How can we afford such madness?  I just showed you what we’re using.  Our costs are low – why should yours be high?

Give us a call and we’ll setup a demo.  You’ll like it.

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