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I’ve had a few people ask me what tool I’m using to annotate some of the images in recent posts. Things like this:

Skitch makes it incredibly quick to do the simple things that I really want.  I’m not looking for anything fancy (at all).  Just through some text on there – a few arrows – and make it quick and easy.  It even does a few extra things like smoothing out lines (yes, that stick guy was originally worse).

My personal strategy normally goes:

1. Take a screenshot

2. Pop it into Skitch and do my thing

3. Take another screenshot

Step #3 there has a lot of options and “take another screnshot” is probably low on the list of what the folks who created Skitch would recommend but like I said — I’m going for quick and easy and for me, being able to “get away” from the tool (any tool) quickly is a big part of that process.

Anyway, check out Skitch – you won’t regret it.

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