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Ever wonder how much power has been dedicated to your current import?  Along with some recent infrastructure upgrades, we’ve brought that information right up front where you can see it, giving you visibility to the elastic ramp-up of dedicated servers and processors working on your requests.  (Elastic ramp-up is a core capability of any legitimate cloud computing solution — Here’s Amazon’s case study of Nextpoint’s implementation.)

Available now via:

  • in Discovery/Review Cloud: “Imports/Exports”
  • in Trial (Prep) Cloud: “More” -> “My Downloads” -> “Imports”

Each processing request begins by breaking the work up into smaller “Jobs”.  There’s a lot of logic put into just how that breakup occurs, but the gist of it is: bigger requests = more jobs = more dedicated processors to get your work done.

We’re happy to be pushing this information to the front and hope that you like it too!

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This week we added support in CloudPreservation.com for yet another popular social networking site: LinkedIn.com.  Now, not only can you archive any website,  Facebook Fan Page, or Twitter account; you can also archive your LinkedIn public profile.

LinkedIn Profile archived at Cloudpreservation.com

LinkedIn Profile archived at Cloudpreservation.com

When you crawl a LinkedIn Public Profile, any public company and group information pages will  be included in the CloudPreservation archive.  Additionally, the first page of any linked websites from your profile will be archived as well.

Getting started with your LinkedIn archiving is as simple as signing up at CloudPreservation.com and entering your LinkedIn profile information.  Within minutes you’ll have another big chunk of your online presence archived at a regular interval, and finally under your control.

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